YSRC pooh-poohs Naidu promises on arrack

June 5, 2013: Pooh-poohing the promise of N Chandrababu Naidu on illegal arrack
(belt) shops, YSR Congress has said that the TDP leader has been trying to play
to the gallery unmindful of the fact that there is no need for the government
to ban them as the activity itself is illegal.

out of power for nine years, Naidu must have lost touch with governance as the
question of imposing ban of belt shops does not arise as it is an illegal
activity. Naidu should also remember that it was during his term as chief
minister that these shops flourished,” Party Deputy Floor leader Bhuma Sobha
Nagi Reddy told reporters here on Wednesday.

TDP leader’s doublespeak has again come to the fore with his assurances at a
Seminar on anti- arrack that he will include ban of belt shops in the Party
manifesto. A section of media which is considered to be TDP mouth piece has
written that there were over 40,000 belt shops in the state in 2003 while Naidu
was Chief Minister.

was Chandrababu Naidu who lifted the prohibition imposed by NTR and encouraged
belt shops and retail sale of arrack. Now he sings a different tune as he is in
Opposition and for a person who was in public life for over 30 years blatantly
telling that ban on belt shops will be the second file he will be signing after
coming to power shows his shallowness,” she said.

that YSR Congress did not attend the Seminar as it did not want to share the
dais with people who have connections with liquor lobby or those who want to
eke out political mileage out of the social movements, she said , “our party is
committed for cutting down the liquor shops.”

is a shame on part of the State Government for encouraging liquor sales by
fixing targets and the liquor syndicate is in full play. There are over three
lakh belt shops in the state which accounts for one shop for every 70 families.

in its Plenary has made its stand clear that it will discourage the present
liquor policy,” she said.

asked about TDP leader Y Ramakrishnudu’s remarks on the lifestyle in jails, she
said, “the concerned officials have clarified that no special treatment is
being given to anyone in the jail and the manual is being strictly followed.

TDP leader only wants to politicise the issue and has been harping on it time
and again though there is no essence in his charges,” she said adding that such
charges are made as they are unable to bear the growing popularity of YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy.


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