YS Jagan's West Godavari Tour Schedule

  • Tour in submerging areas of Polavaram
  • Meeting with tobacco farmers
  • Condolence to Chinnarao's family
West Godavari: YSRCP president and the leader of opposition YS Jagan is going to tour in West Godavari district for two days. He will visit the submerging areas of Polavaram area and then he will speak to the tobacco farmers of the district and know their problems. 
As part of the tour, YS Jagan will reach Undrajavaram tonight. There he will meet the family of Burugupalli Chinnarao, a senior leader of YSRCP who had passed away recently and condole his family. Then he will reach Buttayigudem and stay at the residence of the party's SC cell state president Tellam Balaraju.
On Wednesday morning, YS Jagan will arrive at Jangareddygudem and visit tobacco board. There he will learn the problems of tobacco farmers and by 2pm, he will reach Kukkunuru. There he will visit the campsite of the Polavaram project's expatriates and JAC's hunger strike and discuss their problems and situation. That night, he will set out to East Godavari district.

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