YS Jagan's story of king and his divine clothes

In the funny folk story, the king has no clothes. But his ‘Yes Men’ praise those non-existent clothes so much that the king too starts believeing that he has clothes on. Such is the situation in Andhra Pradesh today, according to YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Addressing a massive public meeting at Chilakaluripet in Guntur district, YS Jagan recounted the story. The story is about an unjust king who tormented his subjects. Once, the king wanted to wear divine clothes. The people of the kingdom wanted to teach him a lesson. The weavers came after three months and acted as if they were making him wear some clothes. They also convinced the king that divine clothes would not be seen by mere mortals and only men of high virtues would be able to see them.

The foolish king paraded nude in his kingdom. One of the weavers talked about the golden flowers embroidered on the clothes. The king, who didn’t see them but did not want to admit it, said the golden flower was indeed beautiful. 

His hench-men too began praising the non-existent gold flowers. Chandrababu is like the king and the the Yellow media the henchmen, YS Jagan said. He said amid lusty cheers from the crowd that Chandrababu stands exposed because of his actions and said it was time that such a petty king is consigned to the dustbin. The Yellow Media is true henchmen of Chandrababu, he said.

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