YS Jagan's Face-To-Face Talk With Students

Eluru: At Yuvabheri programme held at Eluru in West Godavari district, YSRCP president YS Jagan spoke face-to-face with students regarding special category status. He answered their questions and assured that fees reimbursement scheme would be implemented without fail once YSRCP came to power in order to encourage poor youth to go for higher education. He stated that his service would make sure that his pictures were hung at people's houses one day, just like his father YSR's.
When a student, Mounika, asked him about fees reimbursement scheme, YS Jagan responded to acclaim the scheme as the best of the schemes initiated by legendary leader YSR. He slammed the leaders who had watered down the scheme after YSR's demise. Stating that it had become difficult for poor students to go for higher education as a result. YS Jagan assured that he would not only implement fees reimbursement scheme but also pay mess bills for poor students.
Do we need such a CM?: Swetha, Student
A job was promised for every household at the time of elections. Rs.2000 stipend was also promised otherwise. This is a huge false promise. Do we need a CM who deceived us with such promises?
YS Jagan: I hope Chandrababu will be transformed at least after listening to the words of people like you. At least then, he will hesitate before making fake and impossible promises. 
Not one industry has been established: Ayesha, Student
CM Chandrababu has been roaming in special flights around the world for the past two years, bluffing to be trying to get investments for the state, but not one industry has been set up.
YS Jagan: Chandrababu has always been bluffing people. He has been going on flights since he came to power and bluffing people about special category status being sanctioned, MoUs being signed and industries being set up. If special category status is sanctioned, there will not be any need for Chandrababu to go anywhere. He has mortgaged special status, the right of 5 crore people. If Chandrababu gives ultimatum to the centre by withdrawing his ministers, we will get special category status.
The law should punish Babu: Anil Kumar, Student
Chandrababu, who has been bluffing about bringing special category status for 2.5 years, is now talking big about special package. He promised loan waiver and jobs but later forgot about them. The law should come down to punish such a person.
YS Jagan: It was publicised that jobs would be available if Babu came to power. That has not come true even after 2.5 years. Let us fight till babu comes to his senses.
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