YS Jagan open letter to Chandrababu Naidu

The leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan has written an open letter to Chandrababu Naidu. In the letter he mentioned, I could see your invitations for the Capital foundation via television and other media. Don’t even send any invitation to me. Later don’t blame me that I didn’t attend even after receiving the invitation. Whatever You and your Ministers are going to do is already revealed clearly to the people of the State. Saying this, Jagan wrote a letter including these 8 points.

Reasons for not attending the program

1) Farmers are forced by authority and power to submit their lands where land has been grabbed while few gave their lands out of displeasure. This way the capital is formed out of the curses of farmers lives. Farmers can grow three crops in such fertile lands which have been grabbed by force by putting knife on the necks of poor farmers. This is what has been mentioned prior to you by raising voice and protesting against it, still you did not change.

So, I am not interested to come..

2) Why section 30 and section 144 are implemented in capital region? If people are happy why are these sections needed? Why are such sections implemented from the past one year in this area?

3) As the Green Tribunal's judgment, given by the Court and people’s feelings does not count for you. So, against your attitude I don’t want to come.

4) You had a poor opinion on assigned lands, and the lands of the poor. Thinking as if it is your property, you occupied them at your wish. Against your mentality I am not interest to come.

 5) For your commissions, for your bribes and for your real estate business you have used the people and hitting on their stomach. You are distributing those lands to private and foreign companies and other companies of Singapore. I am protesting against your attitude and not to support your in such scam I am not interested to come.

6) The central government has allotted Rs.  1850 crores for capital formation. It also promised more to give for Ring Road, along with the other infrastructures in Andhra Pradesh. Submit the bills after spending so that we can give more is what Central government is specifying.  According to the Act, the government said that it would meet all the needs for the capital formation. Then, why your require private companies or private foreign companies in Singapore.  As a part of capital construct the High Court, Secretariat, Assembly, government offices, where required, build public lands, roads in the capital and leave the land to the people. It is upto the people if they go for real estate or they will keep it for themselves. Instead, you have forced them to leave their lands and robbed them by force only for the sake of real estate business. Protesting that, I am not coming.

7) Under different names of your family members on binami you purchased hundreds of acres of land in the capital city. However, you left those lands and only made the poor to abandon their land. So, protesting against your act, I am not coming.

8) Lavishly spending the public money on one day program, which is almost Rs. 400 crores going in vain. So, against that, I am not coming.

Finally, we are not against the construction of the capital. You are not laying foundation for peoples capital. It is not even for the poor people's capital. It's for your real estate business,  for earning trillions of money illegally, To move money in trillions to foreign companies,  you're laying the foundation by hitting on the stomach of farmers. Because of all these and for the sake of people we are opposing it.

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