YS Jagan demands judicial probe into Agri Gold scam

*Chandrababu is not showing any humanity

* TDP resorted to diversionary tactics

* Why is it not showing the clippings of the Cash for Vote scam

Leader of the Opposition and YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday addressed the media at the Assembly media point on Agri Gold scam and demanded a judicial probe by a sitting judge of the High Court into the scam. 

The YSRCP chief said that the TDP government is trying to divert the Agri Gold issue and resorted to diversionary tactics by bringing the issue of Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad’s controversial statements on atrocities on women.
" Not only Sakshi media, all the media channels have telecasted the comments of the Speaker. Those comments were not Sakshi media's fabrications," the YSRCP chief asserted.

YS Jagan said that the TDP leaders wanted to waste the time on the Speaker's comments which were made outside the Assembly. "He addressed the media in a press conference that was organised outside but the the Government is wasting time by showing the video clip inside the house," he added.

YS Jagan alleged that the entire thing is being done as per Chandrababu's direction, whip Kalava Srinivasulu's action and  Speaker's reaction. "Why isn't the Government not showing the clippings of the Cash for Vote scam, where TDP MLA was clearly shown trying to buy off a TRS MLA and the CM's voice is clearly heard. The voice has been confirmed as that of Chandrababu by forensic experts and the Apex Court has issued a notice to him," YS Jagan asked.

Stating that the government is not showing any humanity towards the victims, the YSRCP chief said that  13 lakh Agri Gold victims would be benefited if  Rs 1180 crore are paid. " Only two of the eight persons were arrested in the AgriGold issue. Remaining are outside," he said.
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