YS Jagan To Commence Hunger Strike

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition and YSRCP
president YS Jagan got ready to start a hunger strike to protect Krishna and
Godavari deltas. He is going to sit for the protest on the 16th, 17th
and 18th of May at Kurnool against the negligent behaviour of
Chandrababu. YS Jagan is commencing this strike in protest to the unfair
diversion of water against Palamuru and Rangareddy projects. He expressed his
concern towards the drought problem effecting the people and drying up of lakhs
of acres of land. People are suffering from scarcity of drinking water. YS
Jagan suggested that one should put one’s political attitude aside and think
like a human. He mentioned that they would make Chandrababu understand the
situation of drought.

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