YS Jagan Comes Down On Chandrababu

Visakhapatnam: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan came down heavily on CM Chandrababu for
his false promises at the time of elections to the people. While addressing a
large gathering at Munagapaka he stressed the fact that Gadapa Gadapaku program was meant to educate people about the misdeeds of the present government
under the veil of power and their inability in fulfilling election promises. He
also said that YSRCP would fight on behalf of the people for the legitimate
rights and benefits due to them which were promised at the time of 2014
elections. Just to come to power by hook or crook the CM had not left any
section of people and made promises and after getting power none of them had been fulfilled.

The CM was under the opinion that he could say anything at the time of
elections and walk away comfortably after getting power, YS Jagan exclaimed. "Is it acceptable? Are these leadership qualities?", he questioned. Also he said that at the time of
elections Chandrababu has promised that he was the only saviour for the gold
mortgaged in the banks and would unconditionally waive off all farmer loans, Babu was the only option to youth to get the jobs, housing for shelter less and
so on. Was he able to fulfill any of the promises made, he questioned. He complained that Babu was not even giving
the unemployment allowance. This is how he was ruling the state and to expose
his misdeeds and educate people the Gadapa Gadapaku programme had been initiated and YSRCP cadre had asked people to rate the CM and his performance in these two years, YS Jagan informed.

He commented that Chandrababu was deliberately taking people for a ride after attaining power and this was not the
way a political system should run in a democratic country, YS stated. He asked people to
raise these questions to Chandrababu and ask him what his stand was in
fulfilling the promises. YS Jagan thanked all the party workers and cadre for
their unconditional love and support in the scorching heat. 

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