You Can't Hurt Minorities' Feelings

Chittoor (Madanapalle): State general secretary of YSRCP women's wing, Gundluri Shamim Aslam, opined that the Union and the State Governments were behaving in a way that hurt the feelings of the minorities. Along with YSRCP labour wing's vice-president, Sharif, she spoke to the media at the press club on Bengaluru road. Expressing genuine respect for the legal system and the courts of law, she raised objection to the stand of Allahabad High Court in the matter of Talaq. The architects of Constitution of India like Dr. BR Ambedkar and Pt. Nehru had acted in a way as to not hurt the feelings of any classes of people, she reminded.
Shamim complained that the Union and the State Governments of today, however, supported certain people, influencing even the legal system. Indicating that any court should take into the view the opinions and the suggestions of the Muslim priests, she mentioned that no Government in the past 70 years had intervened like now. She appealed for the Governments and the courts to respect Muslims' feelings.

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