You Cannot Purchase People, Babu!

Railway Koduru: YSRCP MLA of Railway Koduru, Korumutla Srinivasulu remarked that TDP had to realise the fact that buying people was not as easy as buying MLAs. He stated that YSRCP had taken it to the notice of the centre how opposition MLAs had been purchased by TDP with corrupt money. He specified that CPM chief Sitaram Yechuri also had been made aware of the situation in the state. He spoke to the media at the party's guesthouse. Korumutla mentioned that the state had been taken over by the mafia of TDP with reference to sand and mining.

He reminded that NTR had initiated the work of Galeru-Nagari while YSR had continued it by sanctioning Rs.10,000 crore. Korumutla dared the defectors of YSRCP to resign and seek fresh mandate. He reminded that Chandrababu had made 198 promises to the people of the state prior to elections and only one of them i.e. the pension scheme had been implemented, that too in a limited manner. He commented that TDP had done nothing for the people in the last two years, but had succeeded in filling the pockets of the party's leaders.

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