You Are To Be Credited For Insulting NTR

Guntur: YSRCP's president of Guntur district, Marri Rajasekhar commented that Chandrababu was to be credited for getting slippers thrown on the founding president of TDP, NT Ramarao. He reminded the highly-publicised incident in Tirupati where a TDP woman activist showed Chandrababu a slipper as part of Mahanadu programme. He condemned the ruling party leaders for counterattacking opposition party leaders instead of correcting their mistakes from the criticism made by them. Marri Rajasekhar opined that it was ridiculous of TDP ministers and MLAs to talk about decency. He slammed putting fire to mannequins with the support of the police. Speaking to the media at Guntur on Friday, he remarked that TDP had made impossible promises prior to elections and deceived people in all possible ways.
Rajasekhar commented that Chandrababu was trying to evade the responsibility of keeping his promise about getting special status for the state. He mentioned that people were fed up with the Government. He exclaimed that cases were being filed against the opposition party leaders and their mannequins were being put on fire for coming forward to fight for the people. He also slammed the police for standing in support of the ruling party leaders in this. Rajasekhar also condemned buying opposition MLAs like cattle in a fair.

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