Why Is AP Cursed With You?

  • Babu’s
    attempts to cover up faults
  • Nava
    Nirmana Deeksha is destructive, not constructive
  • Treason
    case should be filed for the GOs
  • Babu
    has destroyed the state in all ways
  • It
    is shameful to boast the undone as done
  • State’s
    benefits mortgaged for Note for Vote case
  • Babu
    will be left without history: Padma

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma
commented that Chandrababu was launching Nava Nirmana Deeksha to cover up his
failure and faults. She criticised that this Nava Nirmana Deeksha (dubbed as “Novel
Constructive Observance”) was actually destructive, but not constructive. Padma
remarked that this deeksha was only to disturb the emotions of the people of
the state and aggravate the existing wound. She exclaimed that treason cases
had to be filed against Chandrababu for the GO 11 and GO 66 he had released.

Padma informed that the GO released for Nava Nirmana Deeksha had
mention of ‘citizens of AP’ and opined that it was a treason to mention the phrase,
given the fact that there would be citizens for a country and not for an
individual state and that this reflected division-based ideology, hence
qualifying Chadrababu for conviction in treason case. She remarked that the
officials that had prepared this GO might have been trained in NTR trust
bhavan. She criticised that this mistake reflected the blind governance of TDP.
She slammed Babu for imagining AP as a separate country, himself as its PM and
going on trips abroad.

Padma complained that TDP had teamed up with Congress and BJP to
ruin the state. She slammed Chandrababu for doing real estate business at the
cost of the farmers’ wellbeing. She also commented that there was no security
to women in the state anymore. She reminded how TDP MPs boasted that theirs was
the first vote supporting bifurcation. She opined that it was ridiculous of TDP
to now talk against bifurcation.

Padma mentioned that TDP had cultivated the habit of blaming and
criticising YS Jagan for everything. She commented that mere talking ethics in
front of the mic would not blind people from knowing the reality. She blamed
the Congress-TDP alliance and conspiracy for the unfair 16-month jail stay of
YS Jagan.

Vasireddy Padma slammed Chandrababu’s inability to question the
injust drawing of Krishna and Godavari waters by Telangana Government through unlawful
projects and blamed Chandrababu’s scams for it. She exclaimed that Chandrababu
had evaded from Hyderabad to Vijayawada with the fear of KCR. Vasireddy Padma stated that people had fought
to keep the state united while Babu had tried to bifurcate it and now they were
trying to fight for the realization of the bifurcation-time promises. She added
that Babu was mortgaging the state’s benefits and backstabbing them. She remarked
that it was unlucky of the people to not be able to hear Babu’s commitment
about special status.

Padma condemned Babu’s commanding everybody to  pledge while himself sitting in star hotels
and enjoying luxury. She slammed TDP for sharing power with the centre but
forgetting to mention the promises there. She criticised the high publicity
expenditure for the deekshas and crores of rupees of expenditure on Chandrababu’s
residences, camp offices and rental places.

Vasireddy Padma commented that Chandrababu had slaughtered the
ideals of NTR. She slammed Babu for applying more interest on publicity at the
cost of the welfare of the people. She exclaimed that Babu himself was a curse
to the people of the state. Padma remarked that agricultural sector had been
put at stake and people were migrating to other areas due to drought. She
mentioned that Chandrababu was not even announcing his plans for the next three
years. She suggested that Babu concentrated on people’s welfare at least now,
to avoid being left with no place in history.

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