White Paper On Chandrababu's Foreign Trips

Hyderabad, Jan 23: YSR Congress has demanded a white paper on the amount spent for Chandrababu Naidu’s foreign trips and the total investments received during the past three years as the TDP Government has been focusing only on publicity and not the actual growth rate.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said : ‘Chandrababu Naidu has visited Davos on 13 occasion of which eight times it was an official visit and the amount spent has been very extravagant while no major industry has come up despite the foreign joints and partnership summits.’

We demand that a white paper be released on the actual amount spent on foreign trips of Chief Minister and his entourage and the MoUs signed and how many of them have materialized. State Finance Minister has been telling blatant lies on the investments the state has received and has been giving false figures which do not go well with his stature and the office he holds.

Not even 5 % of the MoUs signed have gone to the next stage which shows that there is no concord on the words and deeds of the government, he said. Reiterating that special status has been the prime agenda of our party and any one supporting it are welcome and there was no attack on Bhuma Akhila priya.
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