We will fight unto justice: Vijayamma

May 29, 2013: Lashing out at the combined and vindictive conspiracy of CBI, Congress
and TDP targeting Jagan, YSR Congress Party Honorary President YS Vijayamma
said that it is time that “we come out in the open and initiate steps to see
that justice is done to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.”

Jagan has been the singular motive of CBI, Congress and TDP and their combined
effort could hardly bring out any evidence against him while the nexus was
thoroughly exposed during the past two months,” Vijayamma said while addressing
a public meeting at the Dharna Chowk here on Tuesday.

has done nothing wrong and he is been detained with political motives.” she
said on the second day of the two-day protest programme against the
undemocratic detention of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for the past one year.

         People at Deeksha camp raising their hands in support of Jagan

22-month inquiry could prove nothing against Jagan in the state while CBI style
of functioning has come under scanner at the national level with its reports
being tampered with by Law Ministry and PMO and Supreme Court passing very
stringent remarks against the premier investigation agency.

lost its face with the exposure and it has been behaving in an irrational
manner in Jagan’s case by filing multiple charge sheets preceded by an
undemocratic arrest. While the apex court has given four months time, the CBI
counsel gives his own interpretation saying that it need not be four months we
can ask for an extension.

Congress and CBI were thoroughly exposed in the coal scam and other issues, TDP
has been fiercely defending the State government and has issued whip to vote
against the no confidence motion moved by other opposition parties. It has also
saved the UPA during the crucial voting on FDI as three of its MPs skipped out.

is sheer political vendetta of Congress and TDP that has kept Jagan in jail and
we have to fight this injustice tooth and nail,” she said.

two parties wanted a bi-polar polity in the State and never wanted a third
force to grow and some vested interests wanted a monopoly over the media. This
motive has brought the conspirators together but truth will prevail and Jagan
will come out and usher in the golden era of YSR, she said amidst thunderous

has been the role model Chief Minister for the UPA and he steered Congress to
victory for the second term. With utter disregard to all his hard work and
commitment to the Party, the Congress has named him in the FIR, even after his
death. The same yardstick did not apply to Rajiv Gandhi as his name was not
included in the Bofors case after his death.

some of the ministers are using inconsiderate words and phrases against YSR and
his family members in the name of economic offences, others were worried about
the nomenclature.

do not want to be called as tainted ministers as they are only accused and not
proved guilty. No court has pronounced Jagan as guilty of the charges and he
too is only an accused and for all the wrong reasons.

in Sakshi group is the prerogative of the entrepreneurs and motives cannot be
attributed to them. People like to invest in sound and credible institutions
and selling shares at a premium is not a crime of any measure. When Eenadu
share of Rs 100 could be valued at over Rs 5.28 lakhs, Sakshi share of Rs10
going for Rs 350 cannot be an offence.

off her one-day Deeksha, she said justice will finally win and the conspirators
will be taught a fitting lesson.

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