We Will Work for the Realization of YSR’s Aspirations

  • Celebrations of the Party’s Foundation Day
  • Grand Celebration at the Party’s Central Office
  • Vast Service Activities
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP parliamentary party leader and MP of Nellore constituency Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy stated that they would function for the realization of the aspirations of the great leader late Dr. YSR. Speaking at the party’s central office at Lotus Pond in Hyderabad on the occasion of YSR Congress Party’s foundation day, he expressed his hope for good times to come. He hoisted the party’s flag.

     Grand Celebrations

    The central office of YSRCP at Lotus Pond was filled with pomp and show. Senior leaders of the party Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy, Botsa Satyanarayana, Ummareddy venkateswarlu, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Roja, Kona Raghupathi, Kolli Nirmala, Challa Madhusudan, Nalla Surya Prakash participated among others. They first paid respect to late Dr. YSR by offering garlands to his statue. Then theparty’s flag was hoisted. A huge cake was cut and the pieces were distributed to the leaders, the activists and the followers of YSRCP. Later certain service activities were conducted. School bags and books were distributed for free to blind orphan children. Sarees were given away to poor women.

     Good Times are to come

     Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy commented in his speech on this occasion that the people are frustrated by seeing the present situation and the misdeeds of the Government. He added that the people in the Government were looking for their own benefit in everything. He advised his party people to be cautious about their words and deeds. He mentioned that Chandrababu spoke great things about himself and his plans so that the world thought of him as a great personality while his real conduct was the opposite. Mekapati stated that usually people got frustrated in the previous year of the general elections but now people were already fed up with the Government while there was still 3 years of time for elections.

     He confided that people would definitely present them power, so they should be very careful not to lose the people’s trust. He stated that the defect leaders were soon going to regret their decision. He declared that their going away was not going to affect the party in any way. He suggested that respect among the people could not be earned by migrating to other parties but only by following ethics in politics. He questioned the way the Government had deceived innocent people by falsely announcing the location of the capital as Nuzivid and as Nagarjuna University area, buying lands in the real area and then announcing the name of the place. He added that the people were now not innocent to believe that he had good character.

     Rising Sun

    YSRCP MLA Roja portrayed YSRCP president YS Jagan as the rising sun. She stated that YSRCP was a party that was founded with late Dr. YSR’s ideals in view of fighting for the people and now had completed 5 years doing so. She mentioned that the leaders and the activists of the party including her were proud to be working in a party which followed the principles of the great leader.

    Roja also acclaimed YSRCP to be unique in its history of going for by-elections soon after its formation and winning with immense majority, thus spreading the greatness of Telugu man in the country. She exclaimed that YSRCP was a party running with a view of realizing Raja Sekhar Reddy’s aspirations for the benefit of the people. She also announced that she was proud to be working under the leadership of a daring leader like YS Jagan. She stated that their leader YS Jagan was not somebody who gave crores of rupees of money for votes and that he was a fearless warrior when it came to fighting against corrupt TDP leaders.




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