Vultures in Capital Region

Feasting on farmers like scavengers

Forcibly grabbing assigned lands of poor

Guntur: The Yellow Government is brutally trying to grab the assigned lands of the poor who were cultivating these lands from several generations. They are threatening the farmers to give away the lands by disconnecting power supply and harassing them. The farmers were in helpless state as the government instead of protecting the farmers grabbing their lands and throwing them on the roads.

Big Babu’s land robbery

The yellow leaders are not in a condition to care anything, not willing to look at land papers or tax receipts; they were behaving like vultures trying to feast on the poor ‘Annadata’. They are grabbing the lands at dead cheap rate from the farmers whose livelihood is completely depending on cultivation.

Costly Lands at Dead Cheap prices..!

In the name of capital construction the yellow leaders laid their wicked eyes on the poor man’s land trying to grab as much as they can by threatening and forcing the farmers quite brutally. These yellow leaders are targeting a total of 4000 acres in Tulluru, Mangalagiri, Tadepalli mandals and Island assigned lands. They were threatening the farmers that if they don’t give lands compensation would not be paid and forcing the farmers to sell their lands to them at cheap prices.

Farmers angry on Government

The YSRCP chief & opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy visited the capital region on 26th of this month and assured the farmers that he will stand support to them and expressed his solidarity to their resistance. The farmers told him the anarchic deeds done by the yellow leaders. The opposition parties were very furious on Chandrababu who is behaving like a vampire thirsty of land and arrogant with power. The opposition is getting ready to fight against Chandrababu’s brutal governance and illegal deeds.

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