Vote for a credible leader: Jagan

Gooty (Ananthapuram dist),
April 15, 2014: YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the
people to vote for a leader who has credibility and is capable of steering the
state towards development on one hand and carryout all welfare activities on
the other without taxing the people as YSR has done.

“The YSR term stands out in
development and welfare as the preceding and succeeding Chief Ministers had
scant respect for the people and had misplaced priorities. As a true heir to
YSR I will carry out all the poll promises and make you stakeholders in the
development process,” he said and appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan

The five files I have
promised to sign on assuming power will change the course of the state and put
it on the path of development. Chandrababu Naidu has been moving around making
false and impracticable promises as this would probably be his last election
but I am here to stay and cannot go back on my word. This difference is marked
and you have to strengthen the Party by giving a thumping verdict in favour of
YSRCP, he said.

In 25 days more, a bright
dawn will break which will usher in the golden era of YSR and the voters should
be judicious in selecting the Chief Ministerial candidate, he said amidst
cheers from the public.

Though there were Chief
Ministers before and after him only YSR is still remembered even five years
after his death only because of the concern he has shown to the poor. As his
heir I will carry forward his legacy of being the model Chief Minister in the
country, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu will also
come to town doling out false promises of loan waiver and one job per family.
“You have to ask him as to why he did not implement them while he was chief minister
for five years. He has a horrid history of forgetting the poll promises and
taxing the people heavily. Now he is speaking of subsidized rice but it was he
who increased the price of Rs 2 kg rice, he was responsible for lifting
prohibition and encouraging belt shops.

Naidu joined hands with
Sonia Gandhi in dividing the state and his MP has boasted of casting the first
vote in favor of the division in Lok Sabha. When he comes to this region, he
sings a different tune. His promises are a bundle of lies and when some persons
advised me to increase the stakes of promises, I cautioned them saying that I
cannot do it as I need to be in public life for over 30 years and for Naidu
this is last election and he is desperate to tell blatant lies. 

My five signatures will
change the course of the state and bring in welfare to the needy. The Amma Vodi
scheme will check school dropouts and take care of the education of two
children in a family. Increasing the old age pension to Rs 700 will keep the
senior citizens happy. For farmers a Rs 3,000 crore Market Stabilisation Fund
and a Rs 2,000 crore Calamity Relief Fund would be set up to safeguard them
from the market fluctuations and droughts and floods.

Redefining women
empowerment economically, I will waive the Rs 20,000 loans of DWACRA groups and
simplify the loan and interest procedure. Administration will be brought to
your door steps which will issue all documents from ration card to pension card
within 24 hours and from each panchayat ten women will be employed to close
down belt shops.

Housing will also be given
top priority and I will build 50 lakh houses by 2019 to ensure that there will
be no person without a house after five years and give pattas to them which
will help get bank loans.

Aarogyasri scheme will be
strengthened and each district will have a super specialty hospital that will
not look down as poor for providing quality treatment.

I cannot make false
promises like Chandrababu Naidu that one job per family, but I can assure you
that I will try my best to generate employment to the youth, he said and
introduced the party candidates and sought votes.


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