Vijayamma, Sharmila slam Kiran, Naidu

Finding fault with the
Government for continuously increasing various taxes and playing havoc with the
purchasing power of the people, YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt.
Y.S. Vijayamma and Sharmila came down heavily on the Kiran Kumar Reddy

Addressing a mammoth
gathering at Dharmavaram in Anantapuram district during the course of Maro
Prasthanam on Friday, Sharmila and Vijayamma also lambasted the TDP chief
Chandrababu Naidu for abdicating his role as opposition leader.

“What you have done to
the people to conduct your Yatras in the name of ‘Indiramma Bata’ and ‘Vastunna
Meekosam’?” they questioned Kiran Kumar Reddy and Naidu respectively.

Vijayamma asked Kiran
Kumar whether he has taken up the Indiramma Bata to inform people about his
taxing the general public to the tune of Rs.15,000 Cr  in the name of electric surcharges or for
hiking the bus charges thrice.

Slamming Chandrababu,
Vijayamma said TDP chief has been playing a new drama in the name of Vastunna
Meekosam and walking through the villages which he once transferred as burial
grounds. “Naidu will not be relieved of his sins even if he seeks apology by
touching the feet of the people,” she observed.

Sharmila castigated
Naidu saying that people know his hypocritical love towards them. “Naidu’s
attempts to gain a place in the hearts of people will not come to anything as
people know his history and also about his politics of conspiracy,” she

Sharmila said there is
no need for Naidu to do Padayatra. Instead of introducing no-confidence motion
to topple the anti-people government, he is playing the drama of Padayatra, She

Vijayamma and Sharmila
also criticized the Government’s decision to limit the supply of nine
subsidized cooking gas cylinders to Deepam scheme consumers.

(Updated on Oct 27, 2012)

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