Vijayamma pooh-poohs Naidu’s claims

Hyderabad, Nov 29,
2012: Asserting that the state witnessed more growth in the IT field
(Information Technology) during the regime of Dr. Y.S.R. than in the
Chandrababu Naidu’s rule, YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma
castigated the TDP chief for his claims over development.

Addressing a public
meeting at Kukatpally here on Wednesday wherein the Congress leader and former
chairman of the AP Mineral Development Corporation Vaddepally Narsing Rao
joined YSR Congress Party, Smt. Vijayamma said Naidu has been making false
claims to cheat people once again.

Mocking at the claim of
Naidu that he had developed Hyderabad into a city from its village status and
brought world recognition to it, Vijayamma reminded him that Hyderabad was
recognized as the country’s fifth largest city when AP was formed in 1956 and
it has the same status even today.

Like the German
dictator Adolf Hitler, Naidu also believed in Goebbels’s theory and has been
publicizing lies to mislead people. “He has no credibility as he never kept up
his promises in the past,” she observed, adding AP had fallen to fifth position
in2004 in the IT from its third position in 1995.

Smt. Vijayamma said the
state witnessed more growth in the IT sector during Dr. YSR’s regime as he
accorded equal importance to all sectors including the IT. 

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