Vijayamma faults Cong for T decision

Idupulapaya, Aug 6,
2013: Coming down heavily on the Congress leadership for its unilateral decision
on Telangana, YSR Congress honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma demanded the
Congress party to render justice to the two regions of the state.

Speaking to media
persons soon after her arrival here this morning, Smt. Vijayamma asked how
Congress could take responsibility of solving the issue when it was not in a
position to do justice to the two regions equally.

Charging Cong, TDP with
enacting a political drama on the issue, she said while on the one hand TDP chief
Chandrababu Naidu was seeking Rs.5 lakh Cr of investment on building a capital
for Andhra, TDP MPs are quitting on the other. “Why do they play this double
game? Is it not cheating the people?” she asked.

In the all party
meeting at Delhi, YSR Congress Party asked the Centre to find an amicable solution
to the issue acceptable to all stake holders and discuss the same with all concerned
before taking a final decision, she recalled.

“But the Congress
leadership has taken a unilateral decision on the issue and announced T state
without consulting any one,” she lamented and asked: “How far is it justified
if Seema Andhra people are denied their right over Hyderabad?”

Faulting KCR for his
obnoxious remarks on Seema Andhra employees, she said this situation would not
have arisen if Congress had announced the decision after consulting all stake
holders and tackling all concerned issues like the distribution of water, power
and natural resources.  

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