TRS Should Shun Anti-Farmer Policy

Hyderabad, June 20: YSR Congress
has said that TRS should shun its anti-farmers policy and waive the farmers
loans in toto. Speaking to reporters here on Monday Telangana YSRCP
leader Konda Raghava Reddy said that there has been drought during the past two
years and agriculture operations were carried out in far less than the
anticipated extent.

Though one installment of loan
was waived major part of it went towards interest and we demand that the loans
should be waived in full. The ministers and Chief Minister have been speaking
in two different voices on farmers interests and it seems that the priorities
of the state lie elsewhere.

While there are 22,000 pump sets
in the state, the state has been providing solar energy only to 3,000 pump sets
which shows the focus of the state. The issue of ID cars to farm labour too has
been very haphazard, he said.

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