TRS downplays farmer suicides: Edma Krishna Reddy

Hyderabad: The Telangana Farmer Division President Edma Krishna Reddy fired on the Government that it is not paying any concern on the continuing farmer suicides in the state. He said that the farmers have lost tryst on the government. It is quite painful that neither the CM nor the Ministers have met the families of those who committed suicides and did not console their family members. The YSRCP Leaders spoke on the farmer issues in the Press Meet at Hyderabad.

The party leader Siva Kumar said that YSR did a lot for the farmers, he brought 421 GO and paid Rs.1.50 lakhs as compensation to the family members of those who committed suicides. He added that YSR realized that the farmer’s wellbeing is the world’s wellbeing. Siva Kumar demanded that the government should identify the drought hit regions and rescue the farmers.

The YSRCP Leaders said that they will take up protests and programs to put pressure on the government to give Rs.5 lakhs as Ex-Gratia to the family members of the farmer who committed suicide, to give employment opportunities to the farm workers, to take action in preventing the farmer suicides.
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