Tribute to Abdul Kalam: Jagan

YSRCP President, Jagan expressed his deep sorrow on hearing the news
about the sudden demise of Abdul Kalam and stated that he could not
control his tears shedding of his eyes. He said that such great
personalities are born rarely in a century. As a person he is considered
as an inspiration and is seen so close to hearts of many people and
devotees for his wisdom. He is a part of life of every citizen of India
and considered to be as a part of a family member.  His achievements as
leader of India's defense research vastly enhanced the safety and
security of the nation. He took our country to the extreme level in the
field of Space program and Missile development, Defense Research and
Development. He is a true scholar, extremely patriotic, unselfish and a
heap of knowledge. Till the last breath, the great personality, Abdul
Kalam, served the country by spreading his knowledge. Coming for a poor
background and community of fisherman, he worked as a Paper boy and
continued in his journey till he reached the position of President.
After his President ship, he was back to his Teaching and every step of
his act was an inspiration to many and especially and exceptionally to
youth.  Even at an age of 84, he passed away by sharing his scholarly
knowledge in Science and Technology to people. He lived as a normal
human being though he was a President. He was respected well even after
he was out of his President ship when compared to any other previous
President till date.  He was a great visionary and inspired the whole world. Y S Jagan expressing my grief and wish his soul to rest in peace .

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