TDP's Political Inhumation Is Certain

  • Chandrababu has mortgaged the matter of public interest
  • Babu degraded himself in greed for package
  • YS Jagan has been fighting from the beginning for the special
  • YSRCP shall keep fighting until the status is achieved

YSRCP MLAs slammed the state Government for not trying enough to achieve
special category status that was the right of people of AP.

Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy

YSRCP MLA Chevireddy
Bhaskar Reddy commented that the people of AP would oppress TDP into permanent
burial for mortgaging special category status. Speaking at the media point at
AP assembly, he said that the people were so agonized by the Government’s
behaviour that they would perform the political inhumation of the party soon.
Chevireddy opined that businessmen and industrialists would be attracted to
invest in AP if the status was granted. He stated that the special category
status was the future of the youth of AP. He also supposed that the
indistrialists would not come forward to invest here if special package was
granted. He slammed Chandrababu as a degraded politician who had mortgaged the
well-being of the people of the state to selfishly get out of Cash for Vote
case. He called for all political parties to come forward in solidarity for the
AP state bandh to be held on Saturday.

Chevireddy cautioned
that TDP would meet the consequences of mortgaging the public interest. He
condemned not offering even 30 seconds of access to microphone to the leader of
opposition in the assembly, while TDP MLAs with no awareness of the subject
were being given chance to speak for hours. He criticised that the TDP MLAs
were being allowed to speak only to verbally abuse the YSRCP MLAs. Chevireddy
mentioned how YSRCP had been raising awareness among the people about the cause
through conducting programmes like Yuvabheri and Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress
and dharnas, bandhs and agitations. He slammed Narendra Modi, Venkaiah Naidu
and Chandrababu for going back on their word in the matter.

Alla Ramakrishna Reddy

MLA Alla Ramakrishna
Reddy mentioned that injustice was being done to the state of AP just like at
the time of bifurcation. Calling it unfortunate for the central and the state
Governments to announce that the special category status would not be
sanctioned, he opined that a word said should be stuck to, like with Dr. YS
Rajasekhar Reddy and YS Jagan. He commented that Chandrababu was accepting to
everything the centre said, after being caught red-handed in Cash for Vote
case. He supported YS Jagan in his demand for resignation of TDP and BJP ministers
of AP from the cabinet in protest. He suggested that the feelings of the people
of AP should not be put at stake for their political benefit. RK mentioned that
5 crore people of the state were wishing for the sanction of the special
category status irrespective of political favouritism. He remarked that none of
the birfurcation-time promises had been realised, no industries had been set
up, taxes were mounting and no development had happened.

Korumutla Srinivasulu

MLA Korumutla
Srinivasulu remarked that it was only YSRCP that had been fighting for the
grant of special category status since the beginning. Commenting that
Chandrababu lacked commitment towards the issue, he stated that Babu had
mortgaged the status for his selfish benefits. Reiterating that the status was
the hope and wish of 5 crore people of the state, he opined that the state’s
development was possible only through the status. Korunutla blamed the central
and the state Governments for going back on their word after their
recommendations for the status to be granted for 10 years and 15 years
respectively. He questioned the ruling TDP why it was scared of discussion. He
cautioned that TDP had to face consequences if special status was not achieved.
Korumutla assured that YSRCP would keep fighting till the status was achieved.


“There is not one
industry in AP. There are no jobs. Chandrababu neither wants to fight for
special category status nor wants to join YSRCP. He may be fearing about losing
his commission if special status is granted. AP is now backward. People in the
state are suffering. Still Babu is not bothered”, commented MLA Mustafa. He
reiterated that YS Jagan had been fighting since 2.5 years for the special
status’s sanction.


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