TDP's Atrocity Affecting Sentiments Of People

Vijayawada: People and opposition parties are strongly against demolition of temples under the mask of development. YSRCP leaders expressed serious condemn towards the elimination of a cowshed by TDP leaders. They held 'bandh' at Vijayawada in protest to the demolition of temples. But they were house arrested by the police before they could implement the bandh.
During the early hours of Wednesday, the officials had gotten the cowshed demolished with huge machinery. TDP leaders used foul language towards those who had questioned this atrocity. TDP MP Kesineni Nani and MLC Budda Venkanna behaved in a rude manner upon facing opposition towards the act.
Fourty four temples had been demolished in the city till date. Pressure is being brought for elimination of Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple on canal road. The residents of the city are furious about the demolition of temples.

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