'TDP should first teach Lokesh how to talk'

 YSR Congress Party official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu on Saturday said that Nara Lokesh is unfit to be a minister and does not carry himself as one.
Addressing a press conference in Hyderabad, Ambati said that Lokesh does not have the experience or knowledge required to be a minister.
"Lokesh's speeches and constant tongue-slips indicate his inability to govern. TDP should first teach Lokesh how to talk before making him a minister," Rambabu advised.
The YSRCP leader also said that Chandrababu and Lokesh cannot stifle the voice of the social media. He said people can very well distinguish between facts and fiction that appear on social media. "Ravikiran's arrest was done to crush the voice of the social media and threaten others. If the arrest was legally done then why was not he produced in the court but released with a 'station bail', Ambati Rambabu asked.
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