TDP ruling is hell

Small retail traders from northern Andhra Pradesh and East and West Godavari districts described the TDP government as hell at a meeting conducted by finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu . Voicing their grievances at the meeting, traders said the sales tax officials are harassing them in the name of waybills, local waybills and jumbling and they also threatened that they have no option but to close their businesses and end lives if the government torture continues. They said after bifurcation of the state, small businesses are facing lots of problems as people's purchasing capacity had dropped drastically. 

While a waybill is required for the goods transported by trucks, the officials are demanding waybills for small stocks transported on rikshaws. Huge targets are set for tax officials for backward districts on par with commercial districts and as result the traders are facing pressure from the officials. On top of it, the tax officials are demanding advance way bills and treating small traders like thieves, they resented.
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