TDP raking bygone events to sidestep core issues

Sept 10, 2014: Castigating TDP for constantly trying to find new ways to divert the
attention of the people from questioning its failure of waving loans of farmers
and women groups, YSRCP has said that the government has been raking up bygone
issues only to cover up its inefficiency and reaffirmed that it will continue
to pursue the matter and serve as voice of the people.  

the Government has miserably failed to fulfill even a single election promise
after assuming office, the ruling Party has been trying to gag the voice of the
opposition which has been persistently being questioning on behalf of the

diversionary tactics were wide open inside and outside the Assembly with the
treasury benches bringing in the Paritala Ravi murder issue when the discussion
on current law and order situation was taken up which shows the evasive nature
of the Government, “YSRCP official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters
here on Wednesday.  

Paritala Suneetha has echoed what was told in the Assembly, by bringing up
Paritala Ravi’s murder issue with a threat that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s role
will be known if the case is reopened.  

“This is
speaking absolutely out of the box as the case was discussed threadbare in the
Assembly, an inquiry was held, and the courts have heard the matter after which
YSR and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy have been absolved of all the charges.  

the State Government consider it fit to reopen the case, all political murders
that took place in the State, including that of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga should
be reopened. NTR, Chandrababu Naidu and the then Home Minister and present
Speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao were accused of master-minding the murder and
were later cleared of the charges.  

leaders also faced the charges of eliminating IAS officer Raghavendra Rao in
heart of Vijayawada city besides journalist Pingali Dasaratharam and Mallela
Babji, whose exit was as dramatic as his entry in a bid to assassinate NTR.  

These are
all bygone things and courts have disposed of the cases. The Government can
reopen all the cases, if it likes to, but the real intention is only to divert
and deviate from the main issue.  

When YSR
Congress Party has given notice for a discussion on law and order situation, as
scores of our Party leaders and workers were murdered, the treasury benches
deliberately brought in irrelevant and closed issues to sidestep the main

We have
been questioning the Government on its failure to fulfill its poll promise on
loan waiver and as the endurance levels are depleting and people are losing
patience, the State has been resorting to wily and evasive tactics, he said.  

“We have
seen how the ruling party has misused the official machinery in election of
ZPTC Chairpersons and how it has tried to manipulate the debate on law and
order in the assembly. Recently a TDP leader from Visakhapatnam started
leveling allegations against YSR and his Jalayagnam scheme.  

These are
not new and people did not believe them and voted YSR-led Congress back to
power in 2009,” he said adding that the Party will represent the voice of the
farmers, women groups, weavers and all sections that were deceived by the TDP


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