TDP only showing one side of the coin

Hyderabad, March 21: Taking strong objection to the unilateral decision of leveling baseless allegations against the Party and its MLAs, YSR Congress has said that the issue of the veracity of suspension of RK Roja and the Privilege Committee report was taken up in a hurry and the treasury benches were showing one side of the coin to the people.

‘We urge the Chief Minister not to show contempt and be vindictive towards women and spread falsehood as there is no opposition present in the house. The clippings shown in the media are one-sided and are showing only Roja and the camera was not panned to the other side to show what the provocation for her reaction was.

We did not know that Privileges Committee has so many powers and we are unable to comprehend what happened to the 20 notices we have given to the Committee for consideration. None of them was taken up but our MLA Roja was targeted as Chandrababu Naidu is scared of her after her impressive and explosive talk on Call Money Sex Racket.

This is a unilateral and vindictive nature of the TDP government targeting our senior leader RK Roja and we will fight it out,’ party women MLAs Giddi Eshwari, Pusha Vani and others said.

‘Anita is not the lone MLA in the house. Even we have complained against Chief Minister, his cabinet colleagues and MLAs for their remarks and language they used but no action was taken so far and the Committee did not take up these issues,’ they said.

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