TDP indulges in cheap politics

 Amaravati: YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MLA from Narasaraopet Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy said today that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) was indulging in cheap politics by removing the names of YSRCP supporters from the electoral roll. The TDP leaders stooped down to such a level that they are trying to retain power by illegal means, he remarked.

Srinivas Reddy said that the TDP leaders were trying to exclude around 5,000 voters from each constituency across the State. "With an intention to remove the YSRCP supporters from the electoral roll, the TDP hired outsourcing employees from 'Nagara Deepikalu,' who are removing the voters saying that they were dead. These practices are a result of the lack of confidence in the TDP cadre," he pointed out.

The YSRCP leader went on to say that the party had complained to the Election Commission on the issue. We will approach the courts if justice is not delivered, he added.

The MLA further observed that certain officers were supporting the TDP leaders in removing the voters from the lists. Urging the YSRCP workers to be cautious about these practices, he suggested to them to demand fair and transparent process of voter registration from the government officials.

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