TDP Govt Responsible For Boat Tragedy: Adimulapu Suresh

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party demanded the TDP government to own the responsibility of the boat tragedy happened in Vijayawada on Sunday in which nearly 18 people drowned.  Party leader Adimulapu Suresh said  the government had utterly failed in maintaining the safety of the tourists.

He alleged that government threw the safety and security of  people by promoting private players in running the boats at all tourist spots.  Adimulapu Suresh also demanded the removal of two ministers allegedly played a key role in granting  permission to the private firms engaged in the promotion of  tourism in the state.

Demanding Chandrababu Naidu to announce Rs 20 lakh ex-Gratia to each bereaved family and government job to the kin, the YSR Congress leader also wanted the government to disclose the name of the officials who accorded permission to the private agencies to run boats without adhering safety norms.

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