TDP fears defeat in Nandyal

Hyderabad, August 8: With fear of defeat stalking in the face, the ruling 
TDP has been resorting misuse of official machinery and has been blatantly 
displaying money and muscle power besides unleashing false propaganda 
but people of Nandyal will shoot down the aspirations of Chandrababu 
Naidu with ballot which is more powerful than any bullet, asserted YSR 
Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday party senior leader Tammineni 
Sitaram told reporters that Chandrababu Naidu has been trying all the tricks 
to distort the democratic process with the single-mindedness and one point 
agenda of winning the Nandyal by-poll by hook or crook but the dreams 
would be short-lived as people are vexed with his false promises.
‘The entire cabinet and a big contingent of MLAs have fanned out in 
Nandyal and have been involved in nocturnal activity by laying foundation 
stones without plaques to numerous structures in the name of religion and 
development works to appease the voters as they were neglected all these 
years with the incumbent Bhuma Nagi Reddy being elected from the 
Opposition Party. After switching over and his death, which necessitated 
by-election, the ruling party has been showering sops and favours 
incessantly against the election code of conduct.
Foundation stones are laid during night times secretly and at times under 
the patrol of police and construction of places of worship are getting 
approved and funds are released overnight. Many development schemes 
have suddenly started sprouting in the Nandyal constituency and the TDP 
caravan of leaders is roaming across the constituency announcing sops and secretly laying foundation stones besides launching a tirade and 
disinformation campaign against YSRCP and its leaders,’ he said.
But TDP is in for a disappointment as people of Nandyal are going to give 
their decisive mandate in favour of YSRCP and will shoot down the 
undeserving aspirations of Chandrababu Naidu with the ballot which is more 
powerful than any bullet, he said.
We have seen the Chief Minister threatening the people from open-top 
vehicle if they use public utilities and do not vote for TDP and went a step 
ahead by telling that cases would be foisted against them.
The publicity blitz that our candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy’s nomination was 
rejected as there was a technical snag in the affidavit shows how scared 
they are of the by-poll and their certain defeat. The misuse of official 
machinery has come to the fore on many occasions right from the day the 
election schedule was announced.
The affidavit is a confidential issue which could be known only to the 
candidate and the Returning Officer but how such information leaked out is 
a matter of concern. TDP became a laughing stalk by complaining and being 
snubbed the Election Officer, he said.
There are sincere officers as well and we request that the by-poll should be 
conducted in fair and fee manner, he said.
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