TDP extincts In Anantapur

YSR Congress Party senior leader and party incharge to Raptadu Assembly Constituency Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy said that the mobilization of daily wage labours and Anganwadi workers from other districts to the public meeting conducted in Anantapur by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu confirmed the Telugu Desam party is on the verge of extinction in the Rayalaseema district.  

Chandrababu himself sought people's protection for him fearing that he will be attacked by his rivals,  the YSRCP leader said and added that the CM's insecure comments evoked strong criticism from all sections at the foundation laying program for Peruru project recently. 

As the farmers boycotted the program, the TDP leaders mobilised daily wage labours to the program from neighborhing districts. The workers were also threatened to lose thier one day wage Rs 400 if they did not attend the CM  visit. The officials threatening the workers has also gone viral on social media.

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