TDP diverting attention from its failure

, September 29, 2013:
Brushing aside the allegations levelled against Party Honorary President YS
Vijayamma and other family members, YSR Congress has said the desperate move is
only to divert the attention of TDP’s faux pas on giving a letter to the Centre
accepting the division of the State unconditionally.

allegations levelled against YSVijayamma’s Delhi tour by TDP leaders and a
section of media is only to divert the attention of people from its deed of
giving unconditional support to the bifurcation of State,” YSRCP leaders Sobha
Nagireddy, Ummareddy Venkateswarlu and Tammineni Sitaram told reporters here on Saturday.

cannot get away with such wild allegations and we will also explore the legal
options as the charges serious, baseless and highly motivated,” they said. 

to link up some unconnected incidents to defame YSR family members has been the
habit of TDP and the section of media supportive to it. YS Vijayamma was in
to express
solidarity with APNGOs who are on a dharna at Jantar Mantar and TDP adding
motives to her tour is uncalled for.

“If his
remarks that he has been spying over the movements of some persons is true and
he has concrete proof we ask him to reveal it, failing which he has to quit
public life and we will also take to legal recourse for his defamatory
uttering,” they said.

It is
Niadu who has been unable to wriggle out of the piquant situation arising out
of his letter on the bifurcation of the state and to cover up his action TDP is
planting stories in its supportive media and trying to make most of the
versions published, they said.

TDP is
scared of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as he is steering the movement of the
United State and leaders from N Chandrababu Naidu down the line are relentlessly trying to
make issues of non-issues. 

“TDP is
in a fix after giving the letter as developments in Seemandhra are taking place
in a swift pace and the Party is nowhere near to the people while YSRCP is with
the people. This is a meek and weak design of TDP and a section of media to
defame our Party but our leader is connected with the people and they have full
faith in him,” they said.

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