TDP claims on loan waiver false: Ummareddy

Hyderabad, July 3: Holding the false promises of Chandrababu Naidu on loan waiver responsible for the suicides of farmers in the State, YSR Congress has said the TDP government has been fudging with the figures on loan waiver in a very deceptive manner.

“Two farmers have died at Paruchuru and Uravakonda as they were badly deceived by the false promise of Chandrababu Naidu that all agriculture loans would be waived after TDP comes to power. He did not honour his word and farmers, about 94 % who depend on bank loans, are now being driven to suicides or indebtedness,” Party MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarlu told reporters here on Friday.

The farmer at Paruchuru died after the bank refused to give back his documents though he repaid the loan and pressurized to clear the loan taken against gold as well. His plea that he can clear the gold loan only after he sells his land was refused and the refusal has pushed him to suicide. The Uravakonda suicide is not different. The bankers have asked the young farmer to clear his family members loans to get his documents and with end to the problems to consumed pesticide and committed suicide in the bank premises itself.

“The reason for the two suicides is the false promise made by Chandrababu Naidu during elections for political gains and dishonouring them. TDP claims that it has cleared Rs 24,000 crores of loans is mere jugglery of figures. The amount is meant for five years and the first installment Rs 4,628 crores was credited to bank accounts of farmers.

The total loan amount of Rs 87, 612 crores mentioned in the 184th State Level Bankers’ Conference (SLBC) has increased to Rs 95, 975 crores now shows that TDP government has not honoured its word and its claims on loan waiver is false,” he said.

The number of defaulters in farming sector has increased drastically along with that of DWACRA groups, he said.
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