Tactics fearing protests

Cheating with treacherous assurances
Kapu’s angry on Chandrababu

East Godavari: Chandrababu is cheating the Kapu Community by not fulfilling the election promises, said YSRCP MLA Jyotula Nehru. Nehru mentioned that Chandrababu promised to include Kapu’s in BC Category within six months of coming to power and allot Rs.5000 to form a special corporation. But he dragged his promise 18 months without fulfilling anything. He said that YSRCP gives complete support if a law is passed to include Kapu’s in BC category.Nehru added that Chandrababu feared that a protest from Kapu community will come up so, he hastily formed a Corporation and appointed a Chairman.

Nehru criticized that allotting 100 crores in two budgets is nothing but a joke. The person who is the initiator of movement in Kapu community…should stand by his word and allot RS.5000 crores if he wants to prove his sincerity. Without doing anything Chandrababu always want to self-adulate.

Chandrababu said that Kapu community has brought him to power but now he is trying to cheat them, which is quite immoral on his part. Nehru said that Chandrababu is not giving clarity in any of his promises like crop loan waiver, special status etc. By looking at his behavior it seems like he wanted to say that he will fulfill his promises if he comes to power again. The responsibility of including Kapu community in BC category without affecting BC’s is on the Government. Nehru announced that YSRCP is sincere in achieving reservation to Kapu Community.

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