Sujana’s part in the land robbery

  • Purchased land: 700 acres
  • Cost price: Rs.35 crores
  • Present value: Rs.700 crores
  • Binami: Sri Kalinga Greentech Chemicals and Sivaramakrishna
  • He is a corporate politician, one of the chief members of CM Chandrababu’s coterie and a notorious defaulter of bank debts of hundreds of crores of rupees. Impressed by his expertise, Babu sent him to Rajyasabha and made sure he got place in Modi’s Government. He is none other than the cabinet science and technology deputy minister Yalamanchili Satyanarayna Chowdary alias Sujana Chowdary. With all the money he defaulted from the banks, he managed to buy 700 acres of land in capital area and is going forward to encroach on 130 more acres of forest land.

    With the name of his brother’s PA

    Sujana’s brother Yalamanchili Jatin Kumar has a PA Harshananda. With his name, Sujana arranged for an organization called ‘Sri Kalinga Greentech Chemicals’. Using this name, he bought 126.44 acres of land in survey numbers 399-7, 402-1A, 403-4, 5,5, 404- 1, 5, 6, 9B, 11, 12, 410-2, 412, 413, 415, 416, 417-4, 427-2, 428-1, 2, 429, 431, 432-1, 433, 434 and 437 at Gudimetla of Chandarlapadu mandal in Krishna district before the announcement of the capital at a price of Rs.5 lakhs per acre. After the announcement of the capital, the value increased to Rs.50 lakhs per acre. It is clear that by knowing the location of state capital before hand, the central minister deceived the farmers in Gudimetla area and robbed them of Rs.56.89 crores. Now it is rumoured that Sujana Chowdary’s goons are stopping cattle from grazing in the nearby forest land of 130 acres which the minister is tactfully planning to illegally occupy soon.

    It doesn’t end here

    Sujana Chowdary’s stealing of land also extended till Veerulapadu and Kanchikacharla mandals. Under his father Y.Janardana Rao’s name, he bought 5.39 acres of land of survey number 38-1 and under his brother Y.Sivarama Krishhna’s name he procured 3.5 acres of land of survey number 41 at his adopted Ponnavaram village of Veerulapadu mandal. At Keesara of Kanchikacharla mandal, he purchased 3.60 acres of land under survey number 116/3. Thus Sujana Chowdary acquired more than 700 acres of land at Chandarlapadu, kanchikacharla and Veerulapadu of Krishna district and Mangalagiri mandal of Guntur district. After the announcement of the capital, Sujana questioned the media at Vijayawada what was wrong in buying properties when he could afford. This proves that they bought the lands around capital area by deceiving farmers of those areas.

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