The State’s Benefits Mortgaged In Delhi

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s
official representative Tammineni Sitaram commented that Chandrababu had been mortgaging
the state’s benefits in Delhi for his selfishness and expressed his concern
about it. As the centre ignored the well-being of the state’s people,
Chandrababu was staying indifferent to it, he complained. He questioned why
Chandrababu was not trying to gather everybody, go to the centre and demand for
the centre’s action in the state’s benefit. He also questioned if Chandrababu
had ever held an all-party meeting in view of people’s benefit. Tammineni
remarked that Chandrababu spoke in a pitiful way while in the state but
performed services to Modi while in Delhi. He slammed the sanction of Rs.100
crore for Polavaram. He also complained that Chandrababu just stood still when
the centre, which was supposed to construct the capital, just walked away
having given a mug of water and a handful of soil.

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