Special Package As Well As Special Status Should Be Granted

  • State's benefits mortgaged for getting out of Cash for Vote
  • TDP's demand for special package to facilitate commissions
  • We will fight for special categoory status
  • YS is the real leader fighting for people's well-being
  • Pawan Kalyan is not a leader if he fights for package
Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Roja questioned why the BJP leaders were hiding now after recommending 10 years of special category status for the state at the time of bifurcation. She slammed the TDP leaders for demanding the central Government only for special package, in spite of knowing that the special category status would bring with it many industries and jobs. Roja exclaimed that Chandrababu had mortgaged the benefits of the state for his selfishness. She complained that TDP lacked commitment towards the achievement of the status for the state. She commented that the media projected Pawan Kalyan's speech specially, though he had just utilised his free time between shooting for the speech. She remarked that YS Jagan, on the other hand, had been fighting for the status since 2.5 years, much to the indifference of the media.
Mentioning that YSRCP would stand for the achievement of the special category status, Roja called for everybody's support to YSRCP's struggle for the cause. She indicated that Pawan Kalyan was coming forward as the Government's messenger to take the credit for the status and to divert people's attention. She questioned why he had become silent after coming to Hyderabad from Guntur where he spoke to agonised farmers whose lands had been snatched in pooling.
Roja remarked that a real leader would continue to fight in spite of any hurdles and acclaimed YS Jagan to be one. She also added that people like Pawan Kalyan who came out in free time to talk about package would not be called leaders. She complained that YS Jagan has been hindered from conducting Odarpu Yatra and was imprisoned for fighting on behalf of people. Roja demanded for the grant of special package along with special category status. She held BJP, TDP and Congress responsible for the irregular bifurcation of the state and demanded that they worked for the state's development now with commitment. She asked them to at least support YS Jagan if they could not fight.

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