Speaker shields TDP MLAs

  • Shielded by the speaker, TDP Government pushes aside people’s problems
  • RK questions regarding capital issue
  • The speaker rules it out citing lack of time
  •  Assembly: Alla Ramakrishnareddy commented that today’s assembly sessions were good example to know how people’s problems could be sidelined with the help of shielding provided by the speaker, condemning the ruling party for doing so. He slammed the way minister Narayana went close to the speaker upon being questioned regarding the consequences to be faced by the farmers who objected to give their lands in the capital city area and the speaker immediately dismissed the discussion saying there was no time for it.

     RK stated that he had put some questions in the assembly as the MLA of Mangalagiri in capital area. He specifically mentioned that he had asked how much land came under land pooling, how many farmers gave their lands and if any trouble was caused to the farmers during the acquisition process. But none of his questions were answered and the speaker cited lack of time as the reason.

     RK stated that farmers of 11 villages who had not cooperated for land pooling in the end of December 2014 suffered loss when their sheds, fertilizers and crops were burnt down. If Government did not get this done, why they did not order for inquiry and arrest culprits, questioned RK. He slammed burning crops, threatening and scaring poor farmers for opposing land pooling. He added that a farmer Gadde Chandrasekhar Rave from Malkapuram village had personally informed the media that his 5-acre sugarcane crop was burnt down for not accepting to land pooling and that they had not listened to him when he said his father had been a member of legislative assembly in three terms and had been in TDP since its birth. RK also mentioned that the Rs.25 lakh worth 7-acre banana crop of Gundapu Rajesh and Gundapu Chandrasekhar had been destroyed.

     Alla Ramakrishnareddy stated that the Government had cruelly grabbed the lands of the farmers who opposed the Government’s intention and went to court for justice with the name of ‘Master plan’. He added that ministers Narayana and Prathipati Pullarao bitterly threatened the farmers who would not give them their lands. He condemned the way his questions to the Government were simply pushed aside in the assembly. RK concluded that they would fight for the farmers in the court under the leadership of YS Jagan.

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