The speaker has no authority to suspend

Hyderabad: The High court senior lawyer, Jandhyala Ravishankar said the speaker of the Assembly will not have the power to suspend a member of the Assembly. If the suspension is to be considered for more than one session, firstly a complaint has to be registered followed by sending it to the Ethics and Privilege Committee and further, said that the members TDP leader Karanam Balaram and YSRCP MLA RK Roja cases are different. Ravishankar also reminded that after the Privilege committee investigation Karanam Balaram has been suspended for 6 months and said that the decision of TDP cannot be the decision of the House.


The yellow party formed a grudge on the femal legislator Roja as she questioned about the TDP leaders harassing the women relating to the call money sex racket and as a result suspended her from the house. Though she has not made any offensive comment against Naidu, as he could not face her and answer, Naidu planned a conspiracy of suspension.



The YSRCP bruised in anger on the TDP government for suspending the YSRCP MLA Roja by comparing her with Karanam Balaram who has shattered the rules and terms of the Assembly and was suspended for six months. IN relation to this they protested in the Assembly to lift the suspension on Roja and also questioned the government for not even giving scope and possibility to express the reason which is quite atrocious. The YSRCP approached court in relation to the suspension of Roja from Assembly.

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