Signatures Collected In Support Of Special Status

Guntur: YSRCP leaders criticised that Telugu Desam Party had become Telugu Drohula Party (a party of betrayers). MLA Mustafa and party leader Lella Appireddy complained that BJP and TDP had let down the hope for special status in the people. They slammed TDP for not making the least efforts for the special status. They took up collection of signatures for special status in Guntur district. They proclaimed on this occasion that special status would bring industries and employment.

The YSRCP leaders confided that their party would do relentless struggle until special status was accomplished. They announced that YSRCP would conduct agitation in front of all collectorates on the 10th of this month, protesting against the Government's indifferent attitude. Lella Appireddy mentioned that agitation in Guntur would be led by MLA Mustafa. He called for everybody to join the struggle for special status irrespective of political favouritism. They cautioned TDP and BJP leaders to not attempt to weaken this movement.
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