Sell as we wish..adamantly!

democratic society education and medical treatment are minimum
responsibilities of the Government’s but Chandrababu government is
desperately trying to come out of that responsibility.

is intentionally reducing the funds to Government Hospitals with which
the hospital activities are weakening. The patients were deeply
suffering as they are not getting proper treatments. They are planning
to put aside the medical equipment in government hospitals. In total
Rs.500 crores worth of medical equipment is in place, in Medical
Colleges Rs.375 crores, in Vidhan Parishad Hospitals Rs.65 Crores and in
Public Health Department Rs.60 Crores. Of this Rs.200 crores worth of
equipment is dumped aside without using.

is heard around that this entire stunt is to slowly give away these
hospitals to private sectors. Already the medical shops were given to
private parties in phases. Later, Diagnostic Laboratories were also
given away to private. From Blood Test to MRI test everything has gone
to private hands. With this, only people with money were able to afford
medical treatment in Government Hospitals. In the meanwhile maintenance
of the medical equipment is also been given away to private
institutions. Like this all the medical services are going into private

one side, the government is giving away the government hospitals to
corporates for setting up medical colleges. The Chittoor Government
Hospital was already given to Apollo Hospitals and some more hospitals
will also follow the same route. Totally, the Government Medical System
is going into the hands of private institutions.

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