SCS Watered Down Due To Fear Of Cases

Kurnool: YSRCP MLAs Aijayya, Gowru Charitha Reddy and Ramaiah spoke at Kurnool on the occasion of Chaitanya Patham programme.
Babu's pockets are being filled with package: MLA Aijayya
Special package announced by the centre would only fill the pockets of Chandrababu and his coterie, but no benefit would be there for people, commented YSRCP MLA of Nandikotkuru, Y.Aijayya. He slammed Chandrababu and Venkaiah Naidu for stating that there was no use for special category status. Proclaiming that the status was necessary for the alleviation of unemployment problem in the state, he informed that 90% discount would be possible in capital investment and only 10% would be sanctioned by the centre. He stated that the future of the youth of AP state was linked with special status. He questioned how Chandrababu could oppress the special category status that was the hope of the people's future and welcome package. Aijayya criticised Chandrababu's saying that he would offer stipend to the unemployed soon after package was allocated and questioned if the students had worked hard all these years for the stipend of Rs.2000. He proclaimed that they would fight under the leadership of YS Jagan to achieve special category status. 

Babu's retreat is due to fear of cases: MLA Gowru Charitha Reddy
Kurnool MLA Gowru Charitha Reddy commented that Chandrababu was fearing to even mention the topic of special category status with the centre, out of fear for possible imprisonment in the case of Cash for Vote. He reminded how special status was promised to be issued soon after they came to power, then they said they would think about it and then they said there was no chance of giving AP the status. She criticised not implementing the promise made by the former PM in the parliament. Confiding that the status would bring with it, many industries, jobs and discounts, she slammed Chandrababu for putting his selfishness in front of the welfare of the state. Charitha Reddy cautioned that the youth would not forgive BJP and TDP for the injustice done to them. She called for united fight for the cause by all people's organisations under the leadership of YS Jagan.
Venkaiah and Babu should resign: BY Ramaiah
Venkaiah Naidu and Chandrababu, who had promised special category status for the state of AP and later deceived its people, did not deserve to continue in their positions, mentioned YSRCP's state general secretary BY Ramaiah. Demanding their resignation, he slammed the leaders for gaming with the lives of the people. He called it shameful to go back on their statements about special status after two years.
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