Scare not farmers on land pooling

Hyderabad, Nov 16: YSR Congress has said that TDP government should come out with guidelines on land acquisition for the proposed capital and should shun from seizing fertile agriculture land berating the farmers and shifting the blame on Opposition parties.

“There has been no concrete proposal on the land acquisition and what provisions of which Act the State is following is not known and the Opposition Parties are not taken into confidence but the Government is scaring the farmers and their future with a veiled threat even as fake registrations are on the rise baffling the genuine land owners,” part senior leader Ummareddy Venkateswarlu told reporters here on Sunday.

Sivaramakrishnan Committee has said that agriculture land should not be touched for building the new capital and the Central Act says that unless 70 % of the farmers agree their land cannot be taken away. The government has formed a committee headed by the Finance Minister Y Ramakrishnudu for land pooling. The sanctity of the Committee is not known and if it has any guidelines, they should be put on public domain so that farmers will understand clearly.

The Committee has said that it would pool one lakh acres of land in four phases which is highly ambitious and harmful to farmers. Nowhere in the country is the capital set up in such a huge extent of land, he said.

The package of 1,000 square yards of developed area for one acre is not acceptable to many of the farmers, who are being threatened and subjected to various pressures to give up their land and livelihood. This is not acceptable, we are not against the capital city coming up near Guntur but Talluru village and its surroundings are tense and farmers are feeling insecure.

“As the main opposition party, we have the right to protect the rights of the farmers and if the State dubs it as instigating the farmers it is ridiculous. YSR team has toured the villages and will again take up another visit to study the situation.

While we are busy addressing the people’s problems, Chandrababu Naidu and his team took off to Singapore. Naidu tells that the per capita income of people in Singapore is much higher than that of us. While he is the longest serving Chief Minister he could not increase the per capital income of the State and now he talks tall on the capital issue which is of no use,” he said.

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