Samaikyandhra is wellbeing of all regions

Hyderabad, Feb 27, 2014 : Affirming that the
unholy nexus of Congress, BJP and TDP could split the State geographically but
will not succeed in dividing the Telugu people, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said,
in the coming elections YSRCP would ride on the popularity crest in both the
regions as its definition of Samaikyandhra is the well being of Telangana,
Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra.

In a spirited address on the
concluding day of the two-day training classes, the YSRCP President said that
the Odarpu Yatra will roll on in the Telagana region and announced that the
Party Honorary President YS Vijaymma and Sharmila would also be part of the

Congress Party for the sake of votes
and seats has undemocratically divided the State with the help principal
opposition parties BJP in the Centre and TDP in the State. With elections round
the corner, they would be in the open seeking votes in the name of dividing a
state and staking claim for it.

While Mata and Mausi (Sonia Gandhi and
Sushma Swaraj) are seeking their pound of flesh for axing the state,
Chandrababu Naidu wants his share for giving the letter to divide the state.
They have whipped regional passions, driven a wedge and are seeking votes as
they have not a single word to say about the development activities they have
taken up during the past five years.

This negative approach will boomerang.
We wanted to keep the State united and our definition for Samaikhyandhra is
development of all the three regions and we will go to polls on this slogan.

With the intrigue and undemocratic
practices coming into play in the Parliament the Bill was passed and we could
not stop it. But we are for development of all the regions and our Party will
flourish in both the States as our welfare agenda will touch all sections of
the people in both the states.

“I will continue my Odarpu Yatra in
Telangana region with the slogan of Samaikhyandhra and after the election
schedule is announced, if I have to tour other places, the Yatra will be
continued by my mother and sister and our Party will have a strong presence in
Telangana region as well,” he said breathing zeal in to the cadre.

A state with 42 MPs would have a
strong bargaining power and we could get projects, other infrastructure and
would generate employment opportunities was what we thought and left no stone
unturned to keep the state united but the divisive forces of Congress, BJP and
TDP ganged-up, whipped regional passions and brought in the legislation to
split the state in a very undemocratic and unprecedented manner.

On this count, Congress, TDP and TRS
stand on the same plank as democracy was slaughtered in broad daylight in the
parliament as the Seemandhra MPs were evicted from the floor of House to clear
way for the passage of the legislation to divide the state.

While Chandrababu Naidu says that
injustice is done to Seemandhra region, his own party MP praises the Bill in
the Lok Sabha.

The Congress has not a single
achievement to speak about when it goes to the polls and the TDP leader who has
been synonymous to duality draws a blank on that count.

In this backdrop YSR welfare schemes
have benefitted many and our welfare agenda has many takers in Telangana,
Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra which makes our Party a fore runner in both the
States. People want to see back Rajanna Rajyam.

It is YSR golden era what people want
as the Congress has diluted Aarogyasri, imposed restrictions on fees
reimbursement and has neither given a new ration card nor a new pension card.
There is not a single charismatic leader in other parties who can seek votes on
the past performance.

Immediately after my father’s death, I
took a vow to console all the families that have lost a member unable to bear
the shock on hearing the death of YSR. Till now I have consoled nearly 700
families and I was with the people almost 25 days in a month, barring the 16
months while I was in jail.

I could understand the plight and
living conditions of the poor and my resolve to eradicate poverty has grown
stronger. All public representatives should spend time with the downtrodden to
know their sufferings first hand. “Even my mother and sister will spend time
with the poor to understand their pressing needs. This is a must for every
leader,” he said.

During the division Seemandhra has got
a raw deal. They did not name the capital and how much funding would be done.
If Hyderabad, which accounts for 60 % of the state revenue is taken away, how
will the revenue deficit be filled was not told.

We will be going to poll under such
difficult situations and Telugu people should unite to teach Delhi a fitting
lesson and we should win more than 30 MP seats to get a good bargain from the
Centre and carry out development activities, he said. We should be the main
oxygen provider to the Centre and seek development from the Prime Minister, he

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