Sack Anam from the Cabinet: YSRCP

Hyderabad, April 13,2013: YSR
Congress has demanded the removal of Finance Minister Anam Ramnaryan Reddy from
the cabinet as he has been trying to influence the six ministers named in the
26 GOs case.

“We demand the Chief Minister
to sack Anam Ramnaryana Reddy as his recent outbursts tantamount to influencing
the ministers involved in the 26 GOs case and his abusive language goes against
the spirit of a person in public office,” party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra
Rao told reporters here on Saturday.

When the 26 GOs case has come
to a crucial juncture, Anam comes out with startling revelations that the
ministers were influenced by YSR while giving assent to the GOs.

On one hand the ministers tell
the Supreme Court that the GOs are in order and the Government did not deviate
from any of the set guidelines or the policy while issuing the orders, the
Finance Minister on the other hand tells that the ministers were influenced by

 “It took so long for the
Finance Minister to tell this version which is totally in contrast to what the
ministers told the court and his line of argument and tone is clearly
indicative and suggestive to the ministers, which is nothing short of trying to
influence them.

While YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was
kept in jail for the past 11 months on the premise that he would influence the
witnesses, it is Anam Ramnarayan Reddy who is trying to influence the six
ministers in the 26 GOs case.

We demand that the Chief
Minister should drop him from the cabinet for going against the oath of office
and speaking in an objectionable manner and trying to influence the ministers
and suggesting them to pick up his line of argument,”

His arrogance is the result of
power going into his head and his uncharitable remarks against YSR family
members will spell doom to him.

His remarks against YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy which were earlier told by the Chief Minister only point to their
agenda of keeping Jagan away from the people. Main opposition TDP too has joined
them int eh common goal.  

Anam has been doing all this
only to impress the high command and project himself as the saviour of the
cabinet but his plans would fall flat as people are very much behind YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy and they will vent their feelings in the hustings.

Even in the Assembly, PCC
President Botsa Satyanarayana spoke against YS Vijayamma in a very unreasonable
manner and he gets the Finance Minister’s support. Their remarks against YSR
family members are in bad taste and being in a responsible position they should
know how to reason with the situations.


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