Ruling TDP Shocked

  • YSRCP candidate wins in the tight competition
  • Ambati Veera Reddy is the new vice-sarpanch of Eguva Tamballapalli
YSR District (Kalasapadu): Ruling TDP leaders are starting to have scary nightmares. Count down has begun for the TDP leaders who came to power through making false promises to people. In the Eguva Tamballapalli Panchayat's vice-sarpanch elections that happened at Kalasapadu Mandal Praja Parishad office of YSR District's Porumamilla constituency on Friday, the ruling party took a strange blow.
YSRCP's supporter Ambati Chinna Veera Reddy won the elections with a difference of one vote. Mastan Basha, who had contested as the sarpanch 3 years ago from Congress party, was elected as the sarpanch. But the vice-president elections were repeatedly postponed. In wake of the later incidents, Mastan Basha joined the ruling party later. So vice-sarpanch elections were postponed many times in order to get a TDP candidate elected. Now, with strict Government orders in place, elections were conducted on Friday and YSRCP supporter Ambati Chinna Veera Reddy was elected, much to the shock of the ruling party.

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