The ruling party members showoff in Pattiseema

High Drama on Integration
Promising Water without fitting pumps

The TDP Government is staging a high drama in Pattiseema by their exhibitionistic hasty behavior proclaiming that they are integrating the rivers and promising water to Rayalaseema. Without fitting all pumps and without releasing water the TDP is proclaiming that they gave water. The CM who has been to Pattiseema for inauguration of pipeline has started a strange program stating ‘first integration of rivers then inauguration’. The common men were in utter confusion not able to understand where did the water flow?

Fallaciousness…No Water..!
The TDP members last week celebrated by sending the rain water overflowing in the brooks, lakes & Godavari by lifting from Tadipudi and sending to Budameru through Polavaram Right Canal. By sending few cusecs of water they flaunted that rivers integration was completed.   If the water has to reach Prakasam Barage from Polavaram Right Canal it has to travel 174kms. The water released by lifting from Tadipudi stopped before reaching the Barage but the ruling party is boasting that water is given to Pattiseema.

River Integration…Does it mean linking Canals?
It is humorous that Chandrababu is boasting by using the canal dug by the Great Leader & Late Chief Minister Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy, for Pattiseema. If Polavaram is completed lakhs of acres will get water for cultivation and the state becomes evergreen. But, Chandrababu is linking canals and making publicity that rivers were integrated. He is cheating the people of Rayalaseema and deceiving the farmers of Godavari delta by taking up Pattiseema just for his interest on commissions. 
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