Ravela has to resign

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party MLA Giddi Eshwari commented that the TDP Government had collected all possible lies and made a record of them on a book and this was delivered as the Governor’s speech. She, along with woman MLAs Viswasarayi Kalavathi and Pushpa Srivani, spoke to the media at the assembly’s media point. She specifically complained that whatever the Governor spoke about girijan areas was totally untrue.

It was all a lie

Giddi Eshwari criticized that the Governor’s speech falsely boasted about the Government’s implementation of drinking water schemes in North Andhra region, when nothing was accomplished and the people of that region were suffering in reality. She expressed her anger for announcing that Visakhapatnam was placed fifth in Swacch Bharat while all the other areas of North Andhra region stayed backward.  She condemned the Government for not even taking mention of it. She mentioned that the tribal people’s problems would be understood only if a person from the tribes was made the tribal minister. Eshwari slammed Ravela Kishore Babu for misusing the power given to him and earning 55 acres of assigned lands in the capital area. She also criticized Chandrababu and his son Lokesh for illegally grabbing lands and doing real estate business. She questioned Babu for buying the lands assigned to tribal people. 

Felony of crores’ worth

Giddi Eshwari warned the Government that opposition party YSRCP was going to elevate the issue of not fulfilling the peomises made to the state’s people and all the corruption going on in the assembly’s budget sessions. She slammed the ruling party for buying opposition party MLAs with crores of rupees. She challenged the defected MLAs to resign. She complained that the Government was not sanctioning funds to the opposition party MLAs and was favouring those who would form new committees.

Ravela’s issue

Giddi Eshwari slammed the misbehavior of Ravela Kishore Babu’s son Ravela Susheel towards a teacher passing by the road. She demanded that justice was served to the victim. She suggested that the Government stopped bragging about women’s day celebrations on the 8th of March and rather invested interest on preventing the atrocities faced by women. Eshwari mentioned that YSRCP condemned the unfair activity of the minister’s son. She demanded the resignation of Ravela Kishore Babu for executing anti-tribal corruption, he being the minister who was supposed to act for their welfare.

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